Pocket Jazz Band

by The Late Risers

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Pocket Jazz Band is the debut album by The Late Risers, a four piece Jazz ensemble from Boston, MA. The music ranges from Traditional-Jazz and Swing of the 1920s-40s to original compositions and covers of Classical and Bluegrass music in the Jazz idiom.


released March 5, 2019

Sam Dechenne - Trumpet/Vocals
Austin Yancey - Clarinet/Vocals
Tev Stevig - Banjo/Tenor Guitar/Ukulele
Josiah Reibstein - Tuba

Recorded by Joel Edinberg @ ZUMIX
Mixed by Joel Edinberg @ Q Division Studios
Mastered by Mike Quinn

Album artwork by Josiah Reibstein
Album layout by Kay

Special thanks to Club Passim & The Iguana Fund grant for funding the pressing and physical distribution of this album.



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The Late Risers Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Bye Bye Blackbird
Pack up all my cares and woe,
Here I go,
Singin' low,
Bye bye blackbird

Where somebody waits for me,
Sugar sweet,
So is she,
Bye bye blackbird,

No one seems to love or understand me,
Oh what hard luck stories they all hand me,

Pack my bags and light the lights,
I'll be home,
Late tonight,

Bye bye
Track Name: Ain't She Sweet
Ain't she sweet?
I see her walkin' down the street,
So I ask you very confidentially,
Ain't she sweet?

Ain't she nice?
I looked her over once or twice
So I ask you very confidentially,
Ain't she nice?

Just take a glance
In her direction,
Oh me or my,
Ain't that perfection, Oh yeah

So I repeat,
Don't you think she's rather neat,
So I ask you very confidentially,
Oh, ain't she sweet?

---(Insert tuba solo & some playful jabs)
Track Name: The Old Feeling
I saw you last night and got that old feeling,
When you came in sight I got that old feeling,
The moment that you danced by,
I felt a thrill,
And when you caught my eye,
My heart stood still,

Once again I seem to get that old yearning,
And I knew the spark of love was still burning,
There will be no new romance for me,
It's foolish to start,

For that old feeling,
Is still in my heart
Track Name: The King's Shilling
Well a voice was heard in the market one day,
Two lads who gazed out to the sea,
"Come take The King's Shilling, and follow your dreams,
I'll make you a sailor like me,"

Well the first one to speak was the carpenter's lad,
Tim Barlow was is darlin' name,
He said "I'll come with you and follow the flag,"
Young Daniel cried "I'll do the same"

Well the ship left the harbor that very same day,
Young Daniel gazed back at the shore
His mother was crying and waving goodbye
She knew she'd see Daniel no more,

For sailor's will sleep in the deep so they say,
And deream of the land that they love,
There's no turning back once the salt's in their veins,
Their spirits fly free like a dove,

They met with the fleet and the ships of the line,
And straight way set sail for the West,
The weather turned dark and that North wind did blow,
Young Daniel was put to the test,

He was climbing the rigging as the wind hung around,
And the ship like a toy, it was tossed,
He fell from the main mast and never was found,
To the sea a young soul had been lost,

Then Tim lost his sight in the battle that raged,
With a tin cup he sits by the door,
He hears a voice come in the market some days,
"Come lads! We're away to the war!"

For sailor's will sleep in the deep so they say,
And deream of the land that they love,
There's no turning back once the salt's in their veins,
Their spirits fly free like a dove,

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